Fireworks at Boomsday

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I have forgotten everything I ever knew about taking photos of fireworks. Ok, I really don’t know what I’m doing and here’s what it looks like.



ISO 1600 50mm f/2.0 1/320sec


DSC_0199 firewoorks

One from Last year where I just put the camera on “the running guy” and hoped for the best. 



ISO 200  50mm f/2.8  1/320 sec

This year I had hoped that I’d know how to wing it on manual…



ISO 200 50mm f/2.8 1/320 sec  



ISO 1600  50mm  f/2.0  1/100sec 

I missed the right side up smiley face, I think I just stared and forgot to take a picture.



ISO 1600 50mm f/2.0 1/100sec

They had these cool fireworks that shot off the bridge onto the water. And then they did their thing floating on the water. It made the prettiest reflection I just know it.  I had to use my imagination to see it though, I had a lot of umbrella tops and cell phone cameras for my view



ISO 1250  50mm  f/2.0 1/250 sec

That right there, I don’t even have to ask why they call it Boomsday.




Note to self next year find a different spot to view from.

Oh and maybe if it wasn’t raining that’d be real nice too.


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