Baby bears in trees

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I went to Big Frog Mountain and did actually see some little bears!

There were a few nice views

The fall colors of brown-ish are already here in places.
I think We’re looking back at Big Frog here. It appears the sun is on my back here so we must be looking north-ish. I’m not sure what the mountain ridge in the background is. Sorry, I wish I could be more help.

We were hiking along at a steady pace. Well, we passed this guy anyway.

About the time I’d pretty well figured I just wasn’t going to see any bears today somebody let out a part of a sentence that started and ended with BEAR!
I didn’t have time to rethink how badly I really wanted to see a bear. Or Shall I say How close and personal I wanted to see a bear.
 I started shooting 
-there was no time to change any settings on the camera, it was just hope for the best.
First Mama Bear boogied out of her tree and crashed through the under brush.

Then baby bear came down.

That’s when we noticed TWO more in another tree!
Excuse me, I’ve got to get a better angle… if I get eaten by bears just try to get the card out of the camera.

If the mother bear is over there am I sorta too close to the baby bears? Just a thought.

Maybe next time I’ll be able to hold the camera still.
                                         Have a bear-y good day.


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  1. It must be an incredible experience coming so close to the bears. I wish I was there.

  2. It was! Seeing them made the long hike all that much more fun


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