Harold and Bud

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Harold and Bud were hiking buddies and had been for quite some time.

Harold went hiking every day.

When Harold did trail maintenance he out worked everyone.

Harold was eighty. 

Bud was still a Whippersnapper at the young age of sixty something.



One day Harold and Bud were out hiking some trail. Harold was a ways ahead of Bud, Harold just hiked a little faster of a pace.  Harold saw a woman coming down the trail toward him, a good looking woman and she no shirt on!

When they stopped for lunch Harold waited for Bud to say something but he didn’t. So Harold finally said

“So Wha’d you think of that woman?”

“I don’t know, what about her?”  Bud asked.

“The one with no shirt on!” Harold said.

“No shirt? I know there was a woman who passed me on the trail but I didn’t really see her,



I was hiking with my head down.” Bud said.


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