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I remember the first time someone told me about HDR I was mildly interested but didn’t really know what the heck he was talking about.

Then one day I saw an HDR image but just thought the guy took amazing out of this world photos. Found out it was HDR and had to try it.


broccoli_HDR 900

So I did. I was quite pleased with the odd ridiculous look and thought that’s just the way HDR looks.

Recently I’ve seen some very nicely done HDR that has inspired me to keep trying HDR.



I found the bracketing button on my camera and remembered how to use it. Set the timer to take 3 pictures so I won’t wiggle the camera pressing the button. I’m not going to tell you about the day it took me half an hour to find the timer or the family picture that I’m not in because I didn’t know where the timer was.



I made the HDR image and then just played around with the sliders until I thought I liked it. It looks kinda flat. Then I scrolled past the 3 presets it came with and something popped up asking me to load more presets. Load presets? I don’t have any presets to load. How do I make presets?

Off to Google I went. As it often happens I didn’t find what I originally set out looking for. Instead I found  a bunch of free presets from some generous person over at deviant art! Right there in the comments they told me how to install them.



The same image with one of the presets applied.



Whatever this preset is, it’s just what I was looking for!

Thank you The-Yard-Collective street photography club


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