My own little world

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own world

I did it, I finally made one of these little planets.


planet photos

I took a bunch of pictures all around me from standing in one spot.


Panoramic landscape

Stitched them together in Photoshop to make one panoramic image.

Next I watched this guy’s video on how to make your own little world. I don’t know what he did in Lightroom so I just skipped to the part about what to do once you have a panoramic image. He explained it as he went along, not those annoying ones with just music.


own tunnel

So I followed his steps and came up with this! What? Cool, I guess but I wanted my own little world.


own world

I hit play again and at the very end he explained you just turn your panoramic image that you just stretched into a distorted square upside down before you go to Filter> distort> polar coordinates.

And there it was a little planet that looks like it’s having a bad hair day!


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  1. Cool ! It looks like an alternate universe.


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