The Little guys

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mite game 4-16-11-46

I love watching the little guys play hockey and Youth hockey hockey is no exception. This little red helmeted guy is one of my many favorites. He doesn’t stop to think about the fact that he stands at a grand height of, oh maybe 3’? He’s too busy having fun playing hockey.  


mite game 4-16-11-43

This little red shirted guy makes me smile every time I look at him! I’m sure he’s doing his darndest to follow his coach's instructions literally. His coach probably said defensemen only go up to the blue line and forgot to specify WHICH blue line. So he stopped at the first blue line he saw and stood there hoping the puck would come back his way


mite game 4-16-11-119

At the other end they were busy falling down


mite game 4-16-11-175

and getting back up again.


mite game 4-16-11-127

The little goalie got another breakaway to stop.


mite game 4-16-11-128

Oh, what a save!


mite game 4-16-11-173

no rebound.


mite game 4-16-11-99

Off they go in the other direction,

 mite game 4-16-11-53

those tiny guys playing in a rink that is 200 ft long and 85 ft wide and having the time of their lives.


mite game 4-16-11-29

Falling down and getting back up again.


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