Odd little pizzas Snacks

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In my house the kitchen was not designed for perfect natural lighting. In the winter most evenings I just keep the camera put away but these were so funny looking I had to share.



I forgot to take any pictures until this point. I was too busy laughing about Tea pots, Apples and gingerbread men shaped pizzas.   



I assure you, this is not something we do every night. We do not eat pizzas shaped like tea pots, and apples or gingerbread men.  There, now that I’ve got that cleared up I feel much better.



Even though the lighting was more than uncooperative  I believe more cheese will make it all OK.





Odd little pizzas Snacks


  • pizza dough rolled out and cut into shapes with large cookie cutters
  • tomato sauce, Pesto, Philadelphia fiesta cooking cream
  • cooked chicken, beef, pork, leftover scrambled egg whatever you have
  • chopped green bell peppers, leftover brussel sprouts, whatever vegetables you have
  • Cheese mozzarella, cheddar, feta.


Bake at 400 until dough is lightly browned and cheese is melted.

Let cool and Serve.


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