Built like a toy

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As the sun was going down I tried to get some bokeh floating bubbles.



1/1250 sec     50mm    f/1.6      ISO-200

I asked Georgia to sit and model for me. She found this incredibly boring and made it quite obvious.  



1/1000sec   50mm     f/1.6    ISO-200

So instead I got this really short guy to come with a tiny loader. When he runs it you can’t even see his head in there.



1/1000 sec    50mm     f/1.4     ISO-200

He tried to impress me with it’s power. I was more concerned that he was going to drop the rock on himself, I saw the cheap plastic linkage on the bucket. All around it’s made like a toy, but I didn’t tell him, didn’t want to hurt his feelings and plus I was really trying to get the bokeh.



1/1600sec      50mm      f/1.6    ISO-200

Then I notice that his brakes really don’t hold on a slight hill.



1/1250sec    50mm    f/1.4   ISO-200

Because of that I almost didn’t ask him to go up on that rock so I could get the light through the trees the way I wanted. He said he’d go up there and just use the down pressure of his bucket to hold him while I took the pictures. I guess he noticed that I noticed his brakes weren’t holding, I refrained from telling him he had a toy loader so that wasn’t going to work. Instead I just put the “Fred Flintstone brake” behind his back tire.



1/800sec   50mm     f/1.6     ISO-200

Afterward I thanked him for his time and asked him what I owed him. He said he hadn’t used any fuel so not to worry about it.

Works for me.



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