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I took a slight detour on my hockey road trip this weekend to try to participate in a 48 hour photo scavenger hunt. I tried to take a short cut to the Ocoee overlook, it turned out to be a long cut



but it was ok, ‘cause I saw this Tennessee orange clay pond I wouldn’t have otherwise seen.



Next door to the rink I saw something that would fit for the  “Side by side” clue. I can spot a piece of construction equipment a mile away.




Then I heard  engines revving and walked through the gate to see what was going on.

The boy was wearing black and white so I was perfectly happy with that for the “Ebony and ivory”.



I talked to a guy with a camera, I’m always walking up to people with cameras and talking to them and learning new things, and did I tell you I saw an Epiphanie bag? Yes, the big Paris bag  with enough room for lenses like I don’t own, a laptop and a camera all while looking like a stylish purse! I still like the smaller Stella. Oops, I’ve really wandered,  what I meant was he showed me how to pan. I had read about it and it didn’t make any sense to me then. He told me to put it on aperture priority, close the aperture down to f/9, focus and pan with the car. My trigger happy finger didn’t really believe him completely so I only got a little bit of motion blur.

I will practice this again.



I’m the crazy fool who shoots between shifts.

Every once in a while I get something in focus. And that’s tricky with a helmet on.



I figured this was fitting for the “I want candy” clue, I didn’t want it to come out like any one else’s. Let me tell ya, NOBODY else too a picture of salad food for the candy clue!


On the way home I spotted these Petes and had to stop though I had no idea what clue they could fit under. 



I had the clue ”Bus stop” so I remembered this bus that’s been stopped for quite some time. It was raining and I was lazy so I took the picture through the window.



I spotted the calf and thought it’d be perfect for the clue “That’s by baby”. I got out and he ran, ran ran away with that kick both back feet up in that air at same time run just a fat as his little calf legs  would carry him and he didn’t stop running until he was waaay up the next hill. So it turned into the “Get jiggy wit it” clue.



For “Purple Haze” I purpled up the  shadows.

I’m glad I participated in the 48 hour challenge because it got me to search out things to take pictures of I never would have otherwise!



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