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V card bus

Making valentine's day cards isn’t something I usually do. I haven’t made any cards, not even Christmas cards in years. 

Oh, I used to make cards. I’d have paper, scissors, glue, glitter, cloth, ribbons, buttons, dried flowers, dried leafs spread out all over the floor, table or bed. It was fun but it was also a huge mess to clean up. I’ve Since crossed over to the digital side and I no longer have the cleaning up to do. Now it is on the computer and if I remember to save my work is there whenever I get back to it. But every once in a while I think about all my abandoned card making supplies and  I half heartedly wish I had time to do that.  But I don’t. Or I don’t make time for it.

Over on the MCP Actions fan page they have these free templates. So I decided that was just the motivation I needed to try making some cards again.



It’s got a variety of templates that are really easy to use



and easily change things if you feel the urge.



These templates work with Photoshop and elements.

v card


If you felt totally ambitious these might inspire you to make your own templates.

Happy Card Making!


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