Tom Mooch

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Tom Mooch always considered himself a bit of a ladies' man.



He has started to come calling.


The ladies

He thought perhaps Miss Ding Dong Brown might be interested in being showed around by an older man. He really isn't turned off by extreme catty ditzyness.

On the other hand, he was also open to starting something with Loopy’s youngest daughter Spook. Word on the street is she’s paranoid about loosing her magic powers if anyone looks her directly in the eyes. He has had girlfriends who were a bit over the edge so he figured one more couldn’t be that bad,

Then there’s always the experienced great great grandmother Loopy. He had it all practiced out how he’d tell her he could handle older women.

He ran into a small problem though. Something just didn’t seem to be right and he just can’t put a paw on it. He was raised Catholic and has never heard of birth control. If they taught that in Tom Cat finishing school it must have been after he dropped out.



Every couple of days he stops by to see what the girls are having to eat.



Tom Mooch always eats whatever the host is serving.



He praises it lavishly.



And doesn't mind a little audience when he eats either.



Maybe, just maybe somebody’ll put in a good word for him with the ladies.



Over all he thinks Life is pretty good.



Pretty darn good.


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