Off trail Waterfalls at Fiery Gizzard

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Seeing a waterfalls like this makes it all worth getting up     



at some ridicules hour of the morning.



I didn’t see any fire and I didn’t see any gizzard. Where do they get these names? 



The morning light was too perfect.



I’m going to sound repetitive here, but the morning light Was Too Perfect.



By the cave entrance there were some icicles even though it didn’t feel that cold.  



1/250 sec      f/7.1   50mm    ISO 200



1/15 sec     f/16       50mm      ISO 200

Same falls just slowed the shutter way down.



1/4 sec   f/16   50mm     ISO-200

Made from 3 bracketed shots.

This waterfalls is off the Fiery Gizzard trail just before the Dog Hole intersection. Like I said, don’t ask me where they get these trail names!

Rhonda said there wasn’t any water flowing in July when she was there last, so in addition to the poison ivy being not so bad at this time of year there are also better waterfalls.

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  1. Wow!  You took some really great shots!  I am impressed! I especially like the "reflection photo, and your last one of the falls.   I see a big difference in your images now that you are using a tripod.  Keep up the good work!  Did you ever get a remote shutter release cable?
    I've been busy teaching Photoshop at Duke every weekend.  I've hardly had time for my own photography or to work with my photography students. Just got a new 180mm Macro lens today so I'm going out tomorrow.  I teach my last class at Duke Gardens on Saturday so I will try to get some good shots of the many flowers blooming in this warm weather.
     I had a macro lens lined up for you, but haven't heard from you in several weeks so I passed it on to one of my students.  I assumed you were busy beating the competition with a hockey stick. 
    Go Thunder!

  2.  Actually I used the "hillbilly tripod", I set the camera on a rock. I was too lazy to carry the tripod for 9+ miles so it stayed in the car. 


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