Cold water and poison ivy

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Slickrock creek lower falls

I managed to get my feet wet in very cold water on a couple of occasions last weekend.



Slickrock creek

As usual I look at the pictures later and say as I always do, It was worth it. And I’d do it again.

Well the poison ivy part no, but it’s hard to get near any water in east Tennessee without dodging poison ivy.



Slickrock creek



This one is of a little bit of a falls in Cades cove.

At Cades Cove I was out with one of the three amigos and one new amigo, I forgot his name, so I’ll call him “blue shirt”. We were on the other side of this stream, I took a few pictures from that side, then took my shoes off and rolled up the pants and headed out into the middle. Took a few from there. When I got back Blue Shirt says “I think the best angle is from the bank on the other side.”

Let me tell you the water was not exactly warm! But I got the T-shirt, I mean the picture.



Over in the swamp I had to go see if the grass was greener on the other side.



The Amigos are hiding behind trees on the other side.

I’ll have to try to come back sometime when there are deer wading.


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  1. It is sheer cruelty that something as beautiful as that has to include poison ivy. It's just wrong. 

  2. His name was Duane.  I'm going to try to get back over to shoot with you one more time before the big trip in October.  I'll give you notice so you can have more of those Cinnamon Swirl cookies ready.
    BTW, do you remember the names of the 3  Amigos?  :>)  Well, then how about just my name?  :>)
    May the Light Be With You.


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