Sprocket’s day on the river

by - 10:53 AM

Me and Larry are partners, we do things together. When we go out in the canoe I ride in the front and Larry sits in the back.

It’s just great floating along in a canoe.

I like the smell of the water and just the time to think. I think about a lot of things, like chasing cats now that's just good old fashioned fun. I think about other things I just can’t remember any of them. I always forget as soon as I’m done thinking about it.

I also like looking into the water, I see fish swimming and sometimes I see a big dog. Oh, that’s me.

I sit back down and watch straight ahead. It’s a great life we have, Larry and me. I can’t think of a single thing to make it better.
Well maybe a Wendy’s crispy burger. Yeah I like those. I like them a lot.

Did I tell you about the time I ate that Wendy’s burger –What’s that?

Oh, a Blue Herron. I could chase one…

Then Larry says “Sprocket.” That’s my name.

I sit down real quick. But then I remembered I was thirsty.

I heard something so I sit up and listen. A train, yes a train! It’s coming I can feel it.

Oh, yes it’s a train alright. I’ve never ridden on a train. I like riding in the truck with Larry even though he says I tear things up. I really don’t I just sometimes have to look out both windows on each side real quick. Ya know to smell the air as we go zooming down the road.

Oh,  I was telling you about the Wendy’s burger. There it was sitting on the table looking at me. I don’t know what happened, the next thing I knew I was standing on my back legs, front legs bent at the elbows leaning on the table and I was licking the last juicy drips off that paper.  
-What’s over there?

  I see some geese and give them a bark or two, just to say hello and tell them I see them.
They fly off. I like that.

It’s been a good day,

a real good day.

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