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bridge building-19395


I brought my camera with me along with the PhotoADay list thinking I’d get caught up on some of the daily prompts I’ve missed. 

Then I got distracted when I saw the bridge job. So I stopped to check on the bridge progress.

They had a yellow metal basket filled with rocks/crushed rock/grout or something being pushed over to the crane and pile drilling rig on the green floating raft in the middle of the water.


bridge building-19397


The crane reached down to pick it up.


bridge building-19399


The white hard hat and yellow vest hooked the cable


bridge building-19401


up up it went.


bridge building-19402




bridge building-19404



bridge building-19405


And set it down next to the pile drill rig.


bridge building-19407



bridge building-19411


Then the drill came up with the spiral bit on


bridge building-19415


swung over behind himself rotated it forward, backward


bridge building-19420


and when he swung back around he had a different drill bit on.


bridge building-19422


Back down into the hole it went.


bridge building-19423


back up. For what? I don’t know, I was way over on the sidewalk on the shore.


bridge building-19428


The white hard hats and yellow vests sat down, they talked on their phones. And watched it drill as the moon came out.


bridge building-19430


It got dark quickly and I realized these guys were probably going to work straight through the night so I headed home.


Here’s the video I took. Please excuse that wiggling. I didn’t realize how much wiggling I do in under 2 minutes!

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