Red Cabbage Tofu Smoothie

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red cabbage tofu smoothie-19473


This isn’t a smoothie, this is a frozen desert! Easiest way to eat red cabbage ever.


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I’m not a fan of raw cabbage so I had some reservations about this recipe from ThepioneerWoman but her photos were so good looking I had to give it a try.


red cabbage tofu smoothie-19464

I used tofu instead of yogurt. Not because I have anything against yogurt but because I had an open container of tofu.


red cabbage tofu smoothie-19467


Chop up the cabbage a little  before tossing into the blender.


red cabbage tofu smoothie-19468


Cut the strawberries into pieces if you’re using frozen.


red cabbage tofu smoothie-19470


Spoon in about 1/4 cup honey.


red cabbage tofu smoothie-19471


Toss it all in the blender and blend it all up until it’s all creamy.


red cabbage tofu smoothie-19472


Then serve yourself some.


red cabbage tofu smoothie-19477


and see how it tastes.


red cabbage tofu smoothie-19480


oh yes, this is the way to eat cabbage!





Red Cabbage tofu smoothie

adapted from thepoineerwoman’s recipe

  • 8oz tofu
  • 1-2 cups Frozen Strawberries
  • 1/4 head Red Cabbage
  • 1 whole Banana, Peeled
  • 1/4 cup Honey
  • 1 cup strawberry, Cranberry Or Grape Juice


Throw all the ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. Taste and adjust sweetness, or thickness.  Add ice if it needs to be more "frozen."

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