Band-aids fix everything

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1 outside #photoadayaug 

I got caught in a thunder storm on my way into the store for salt and when I came out  I had a rainbow landing in the street in front of me! On my way home I watched the sunset in the west and in the east I had a moonrise! What a day.



2 one #photoadayaug

Sometimes one-dish supper is the way to go.


photoadayAug 3 coin

This was not taken on a toilet seat cover even though it kinda looks like it.


4 somewhere you sat

This is not a public toilet, well actually it is. Hey, the clue for the day was somewhere you sat, what can I say?


 logo collage #photoadayaug

I tried very hard to find logos that are not words. How many of these  can you identify?


6 writing  #photoadayaug



7 8oclock-6894 #photoadayaug



8 glasse s-6747 #photoadayaug



9 messy #photoadayaug

There’re lots of way to be messy and I’m just naturally good at it. This was probably the easiest thing to find to take a picture of.


11 purple collage #photoadayaug

The passion flowers smell so good! They aren’t the best for cut flowers but I picked them anyway. 



13 simple3 #photoadayaug

Dinosaur Band-Aids can cure anything. Put one on, give it a few minutes and you’ll be all better. 


14 arrow




Here’s the PhotoADayAug  list if you want to do it with me for the rest of August. If you are looking for a little motivation to get out and shoot this is a lot of fun. It's kinda like a scavenger hunt.










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