Goodbye August

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16 food #photoadayAUG

Well,  I guess it’s time to say goodbye to August, photoadayAug has been fun. The Collage is made from MCP Actions free timeline template.

16 food

I couldn’t decide so we have two for the “food” photo.

#photoadayAUG  faces


18 inside2

I spotted this bear in a purse and naturally I stopped and asked if I could take a picture. She didn’t mind at all but felt the need to explain that she was baby sitting her granddaughter’s bear for a few minutes.

19 hole

Ned Nott was shot and Sam Shott was not.
So it is better to be Shott than Nott.
Some say Nott was not shot.
But Shott says he shot Nott.
Either the shot Shott shot at Nott was not shot,
Or Nott was shot.
If the shot Shott shot shot Nott, Nott was shot.
But if the shot Shott shot shot Shott,
Then Shott was shot, not Nott.
However, the shot Shott shot shot not Shott, but Nott.


Sorry, that came to mind when I saw those bullet holes and I still wonder about Ned. Ya know, who he might’ve been, what he might’ve done in his life. And whether Sam actually shot Nott or not. ok, I’ll stop.


20 today

I’ve been thinking about crowd surfing and doing a little research. I got some tips about how to surf.

Dress for it 

Get up

Lean back

Relax –yeah right! When you know you have a pretty good chance at being dropped?

then I got to this: If you're a member of the audience and you'd rather not help someone crowd surf, especially if you're concerned about someone kicking you or falling on you, stick to the rear or the side edges of the crowd, where surfers don't generally go.

On second thought I don’t think I’ll be doing any crowd surfing.



21 cool

One person likes cameras better than guitars, another regards them all the same.

One person regards one day above another, another regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind.

I am fully convinced about that one on the top left.


22 home


23 pair-


24 path

Just pretend that says 24 not 27  It must’ve been all that poison ivy growing along the path that distracted me.


25 fresh2


26 dream3

I re-found the bulb mode on my camera! Actually I had to go read about how to find it again. Those lightning photos  that I stood out in the rain for and never did get one night were my motivator to figure out why my bulb option disappeared.

So here’s what I learned, if you are on anything other than manual you won’t get to bulb. I have been shooting on Aperture priority a lot, well ever since the deer crossed the road and all the close shots were too dark.


27 tap2

Greek hotdogs, baked beans and homemade “cider”.


28 down

Forget the clock I didn’t have time I was busy looking under leaves in the garden.


29 down

Made from the free facebook timeline template from MCP Actions.


30 card

Sarah made this card for me, she’s so talented and creative. On top of that her kids are all a lot of fun to hang out with.



She’s so sweet. I love getting home made cards.


#photoadayAUG  31 hidden


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