10 reasons to visit Max Patch

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max patch -6003

10 good reasons to visit Max Patch Mountain in North Carolina.


Max patch--9

1. To get there for the morning light.


max patch -6056

2. To exercise your camera.


Max patch -6022

3. To meet Lucy, a tiny puppy on her first hike. 

She was so cute and fuzzy and when she curled herself up on my lap while I was trying to take her picture I almost thought I needed a puppy.


Max patch -6028

And if you’re real lucky you might get to help wag her ears for her.


Max patch_-6037

4. To help Adam check out the axels of his blue car before they went home.


eating cookies at Max patch -6034

5. Eat cookies with a boy scout troop. 


Max patch -6035

But you have to do it right, gotta lick out the middle first. It’s a scout rule.


max patch -6055

6. To just follow the little paths all over the top of the grassy mountain.


Max patch -6076-

7. Fly your kite


Max patch-6061

Paper airplanes were tried too but they didn’t turn out so well. So never mind about that. Kites are way better up here.


max patch -6071

The breeze is usually pretty good at the top.


Max patch_6155-

And if you don’t have a kite, fly your tent! 


max patch -6182

In Moments like these I’m glad I carry a camera.


max patch --3

8. See a rainbow


max patch -6234

9. Watch the moon rise.


Max patch--4

10. Just watch the light


Max patch NC shadows and light

and watch it change by the second.


Max patch afternoon light

11. To remember to just breathe.


max patch -6264

12. To Jump.


Max patch-6280

13 To watch the sun go down.


Max patch--6

14. To Practice more HDR.


max patch --5

Max patch-6291

15. To just be thankful for everything good in your life.


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  1. The experimental cookAugust 3, 2012 at 3:37 AM

    These are awesome pictures! I wish I was there..

  2. This was a particularly fun post. Between the gorgeous views and crazy jumping people and smiling boy scouts I just don't know what to like the most ! So I just like all of it tremendously.


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