Two waterfalls

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abrams falls
Summertime is a great time of year. I never know what to say when people ask what my favorite season is, I like them all for different reasons.
Abrams Falls in August is no exception.

abrams falls-6676
Kanyon thought it was just a good place to stick his feet in the water and eat an apple.

abrams falls-6684

Actually he’s a cute little imp who totally stole my attention and I’d invite him and his family over anytime if they weren’t just visiting for the weekend and didn’t live so far away.

abrams falls-6682
I think this was after he bit his tongue he gave his best

abrams falls-6696
Others got in the water with style

abrams falls-6700
while others like to go in at their own pace and no amount of heckling will make them change their mind. I’m with those people!

abrams falls-6719
Then it started to rain, not just a little but a lot!
Kanyon’s rain coat was in the car so he said he’d just use his towel for a rain coat.

abrams falls-6720
Aw, I wish I had a second rain coat for him to borrow.

abrams falls--3
This is the falls that I don’t know the name of. It’s not on the trail map. It’s one of those falls you learn about from talking to people.

abrams falls-6781
The trail is simply called falls trail. Original, I know. It starts at the back edge of the parking lot at Tremont.

abrams falls-6784
The trail isn’t very long, a little steep in places but not real steep.

abrams falls-6783
There’s a little bit of rock hopping but not too much. Before you even get to asking “Are we there yet?”, you’re there.

abrams falls--5

I Guess I had a bunch of dust on my lens. I’ve never taken a picture like this before.

tremont falls--2

It may not be on an official trail map but it’s a nice falls just the same.

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