Dinner and Steve

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I met these two turkeys yesterday. No joke, I’m not referring to someone cutting me off in traffic or anything else. These guys are just turkeys.

One is Dinner and the other is Steve. Diner was going to be dinner some time ago but he’s very good with the ladies and bought himself some time. Steve on the other hand just doesn’t care.

Dinner loves to show off his feathers to anyone who will even sorta look.

Steve just doesn’t see the point of it.

There is one thing they have in common and that’s fighting. They really like it, ‘cept it always gets out of hand somebody always takes it too far. They just can’t seem to have a friendly fight.
So the fence was put up and now they walk back and forth, back and forth and taunt each other throughout the day.

They change their colors back and forth from red to white and somewhere in between just like that.

I better stop and bless his heart before I say this, but turkeys are pretty odd looking when you get right down to it. Yes, colorful, but c’mon, doesn’t that long floppy beak cover-thing sometimes get in the way of things?

Well that’s all I know about Dinner and Steve.
Oh, wait, I think they were character designers  for  Spiderman!

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  1. Enjoyed these photos and the post! Reminds me of our big bronze boys =) Such characters! They do love to be near people and to show off their feathers and colorful wattles!

  2. Dinner especially is gorgeous in an odd odd way. Steve, well not so much, despite the lovely coloring...

  3.  Wattles, is that what it's called! Such an odd sense of fashion they have.


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