From the top of Mount Mitchell

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Mt Mitchell-7337
There’s an observation tower at the very top with beautiful views in all directions.

Mt Mitchell -2
Seeing those views all depends on how cooperative the fog is.

otis jumps
This is my buddy Otis. He found plenty of things to do while we waited for the fog to clear out again.

mount mitchell
What would you do if you were standing at the highest point east of the Mississippi river?

mount mitchell
Watch me jump!

mount mitchell
So I watched.

otis jumps
Watch me jump over here, no I don’t want to do it on the grass. Ow ow, I think I broke my butt! Oh, Gramma, can you help me do a handstand? My Gramma’s the best. I always have so much fun with Gramma.

There are a number of hiking trails also.

They start out innocently enough

But just when is seems like it’s going to be a walk in the park you get something like this right in the middle of the trail!

The little Turtle heads were blooming

and these yellow flowers that I’m not sure what they are called were attracting butterflies from far and wide.

swallowtail butterfly MT Mitchell
The Swallowtails were so busy they didn’t seem to notice me.

Mt Mitchell-0911
It just seemed like there was one more butterfly and before I knew it I was right out in the middle of those yellow flowers.

swallowtail butterfly MT Mitchell

MT Mitchell view
There were some pretty nice views from the trail too.

Blue Ridge Parkway
It was a great day to visit Mount Mitchell!

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  1. Awesome shots!

  2. whenever I see views from the mountain top I always seem to think of the pioneers and wonder whether it seemed exciting, full of possibility or more daunting in it's magnificence... 


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