It’s always more fun at your house

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Rebecca came over the other day and is positive it's more fun at my house. I have loaders to ride in,

wild flowers to pick,

a dog who will fetch
and sorta flip biscuits off her nose and try to catch them,

rocks to jump off of,

and piles of dirt to climb on.
When her Papaw told her they had to go I heard her wail "I can't even visit my own neighbor!" as she dramatically flopped into her seat.
I told her she had to leave so she could come again.
She said "But we were going to make smoothies! We have to stay."
Papaw said supper's ready at home and you have school tomorrow.
I suggested she could come over the next day or maybe I could go over to her house to meet her Donkey that she named Marshmallow.
Rebecca said "No, No your house."
So her Papaw said "We could come over on Friday. How 'bout that?"
It seemed reasonable to me.
"But I don't want to wait that long!" She said in her very best whining for Grampa voice.

As promised, we made the smoothies on friday.

We put a secret ingredient in. First we cut it up real small.

Limes are sour!


Concentrated cherry juice,

then start adding ice cubes as fast as you can.

Then watch, you have to watch, I always watch.

magic pixie dust
While the smoothie waited inside we took a little walk.
On our way back Rebecca spotted something I never would’ve noticed had she not pointed it out to me.
She bent down to what I thought was dirt, but I was wrong about that.
“Oh, look,” she said. “Magic pixie dust!” She tossed it up in the air making a nice cloud of dust. And then she walked through the settling cloud of dust! It landed on her hair and stuck to the little tiny sweat beads on her face. Smiling a huge smile she blinked bits of magic pixie dust off her eyelashes and looked at me.
I thought about how her Papaw might react, would he be able to see the magic pixie dust or would he just see dirt?
I‘m pretty sure he’s able to see magic pixie dust too.

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