Last night, tonight and the night before

by - 8:15 PM

sky diary-6543


Last night we had a sunset light up the sky. It left a reddish glow on everything for a brief moment.




The night before the sky was pretty spectacular too.







sky diary-6445


A few nights before we had a part of a rainbow while it almost rained.


sky diary-6563


Then tonight it rained


sky diary-6564


and thundered.


sky diary-6545


This morning we had a nice sunrise and this is all that was left by the time I got my camera.


sky diary-6546


Thanks for watching a few sunsets and one part of a sunrise with me .


We’ll do it again soon I promise.

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  1. The experimental cookJuly 19, 2013 at 4:20 AM

    I love sky watching, esp when storm clouds form. My greatest wish ? To see the northern lights.


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