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Did not finish is better than did not start. And that is the principal I’m working on this month for photoADay.

This month, well the back half of the month anyway, I started on the 15th for July I am working off of 3 lists.  I found some fun PhotoaDay lists from TheIdeaRoom  7onAShoeString and 84thand3rd.

Here are the PhotosADay lists in case you want to join me in doing only a half month of PhotoADay.


July-Photo-A-Day 7onashoestring






foodie photo aday 84thand3rd

16 little things


16 begins with T


17 raw


18 delicious


19 my neighborhood


19 imported


PhotoADay 20 digital Papaer is not dead


21 seasonal


22 ordinary moment


23 from below


23 thank you


24 water


25 Local


26 enticing


26 weather


27 on a shelf

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