PhotoADay August 2013

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The august PahotoADay lists are out! I’m going to try to do a whole month this time and get at least one prompt from either list.




Fat Mum Slim’s PhotoADay list.


7onashoestring august


7 on A Shoe String PhotoADay list.


How to play along if you’re just getting started.



Below are the last of my July PhotoADay photos.

28 old

1967 Chevy


28 something I ate

It was good.


29 today I am

Little dogs riding like this always make me think of Marvin’s story about how he lost his dog.

He had this dog that would ride on his arm/shoulder with it’s butt in his face. One day they were going along like they always did when a Jeep came by with a dog riding in it. Marvin’s dog leaned out just a little too far to bark at the other dog.

And yes, it fell out and Marvin ran over his own dog.


30 landscape

Yep, I actually took this photo on the 28th but I like it.


30 pretty

Crepe Myrtle


30 nighttime


31 summer is

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