Earth Shakers and Saturn Missiles

by - 11:30 AM

fireworks and hulahoops-11708


The tents selling fireworks are popping up everywhere, in vacant parking lots, next to gas stations and right in grocery store parking lots.

I took a minute to see what was under those tents.


fireworks and hulahoops-11711


Please don’t ask me what any of these are. Fireworks are not my specialty.

I thought I’d read the labels and tell you what they are but that just adds to the confusion.

fireworks and hulahoops-11712



fireworks and hulahoops-11713



fireworks and hulahoops-11714



fireworks and hulahoops-11716



fireworks and hulahoops-11717



fireworks and hulahoops-11719



fireworks and hulahoops-11720


fireworks and hulahoops-11722


fireworks and hulahoops-11724



fireworks and hulahoops-11726


The fire extinguishers weren’t for sale but it’s a good reminder to use fireworks safely.

My safety plan goes like this: watch someone else light those things and watch from far far away.

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