Green bean cucumber fresh pesto wrap

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gf green bean cucumber wrap-12355


summer lunch fresh from the garden all in a  gluten free wrap.


gf green bean cucumber wrap-12338


Whatever you have in season will work. The cherry tomatoes are just starting here.


gf green bean cucumber wrap-12340


I like to remove the seeds and extra drippyness.


gf green bean cucumber wrap-12342


I used cream cheese even though I think feta would be nice too.


gf green bean cucumber wrap-12343


On a gluten free wrap or a regular flour tortilla if you aren’t eating a gluten free diet spread some cream cheese.


gf green bean cucumber wrap-12344


then put some cucumber,


gf green bean cucumber wrap-12345


green beans,


gf green bean cucumber wrap-12346




gf green bean cucumber wrap-12349


and fresh pesto.


gf green bean cucumber wrap-12350


Then roll it up.


gf green bean cucumber wrap-12351


Then I cheered, it didn’t crack and fall apart this time! I think I’ve figured something out about frozen Udi wraps, microwave them for a minute and a half and then they’re flexible and don’t crack when you roll them up.


gf green bean cucumber wrap-12358


Slice diagonally and eat right away. The pesto makes a drippy mess.


gf green bean cucumber wrap-12360





Green bean cucumber fresh pesto wrap


  • gluten free wraps or a wheat flour if not eating gluten free
  • green beans, slightly cooked until bright green
  • cucumbers, cut into large sticks
  • tomatoes, sliced and seeded
  • cream cheese
  • fresh pesto
  • and any other seasonal items you feel the urge to use.


Warm wrap if using frozen. Spread cream cheese on, then put cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes and pesto down the middle and roll up. Slice diagonally, yes you must slice it diagonally it’s part of the recipe. Eat right away.

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  1. experimental cookJuly 13, 2013 at 3:38 AM

    What a colorful wrap! I first thought those green beans were asparagus..

  2. Asparagus would be good to put in this wrap. I like that idea.

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