Day 26 Sunshine

by - 8:30 AM

sunshine collage-

Georgia is really happy to have a new ball. Somehow she lost her others. Well it may, just may have had something to do with that yappy dog next door that comes out to bark every once in a while. she may have been on her way to fetch the ball but then stopped mid fetch to run down the hill to bark back to Yappy dog. And by the time They were done exchanging barks… the ball, What ball? Yeah Where’s the ball?



If you’d throw it for her she’d really like that too.



And again.

On another note, I’m disappointed that Old Navy seems to had discontinued my favorite 2.50 flip flops. I don’t know what I’ll do when these wear out.


But if that’s my biggest concern in life I guess things aren’t all that bad.


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