After the rain

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porters creek_5363

A few photos from Porters Creek last week. When ever I see a stream I always think of Paul’s friend Duane  saying “Ya, know I think the better angle is across on the other side.”


porters cr-

So now I have to go out in the water to see if there’s a better angle. Sometimes there is and sometimes it’s just an excuse to get my feet wet.


porters creek f-5394

f/20     0.77 sec  ISO-200



f/18   1/4 sec  ISO-200 


porters cr--2

f/2.7 1/125 sec ISO-485  (Point and shoot on auto)

I was just reading yesterday an article on upgrading camera equipment or not. It was great, he said if you have to ask the answer is no. If you really need to upgrade you’ll know it and wont go ask anyone.


porters creek-5426

f/18      0.77 sec   ISO-200  on aperture priority


porters cr--4

f/2.7  1/45 sec  ISO-160  on landscape mode


porters creek-5313

f/2.2  1/160 sec ISO-200  on  Aperture priority



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  1. The experimental cookJuly 26, 2012 at 3:03 AM

    If I ever have the chance, I would like to get my feet wet in a beautiful place like this.


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