finding a stranger - Day 21-25

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#Photoadayjuly is turning into more and more fun.


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I found out that July is national ice cream month and the 21st is national ice cream day though there are conflicting reports that it might be the 15th but that’s ok you really have the whole month to celebrate.


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So we had to celebrate appropriately.


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Trying to find a stranger proved harder than I thought.



I first thought this guy’d do but he knew me! I didn’t remember him. shh, don’t tell him. There I was thinkin’ now all I’ve got to do is ask if it’s ok to take the picture, when he looked up and said hi and didn’t we just do tires for you, you have the blue truck right?

So back to square one, who do I not know?


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Then I got talking to Addie and even though we’d never met before, we got talking and became friends right there. There was just no way she could count as a stranger.

After a bit I asked her if I could take a picture of her doll, the baby doll on the floor. She picked her up for me to see. I asked what her name was. She looked concerned, then said I don’t know just a minute l’ll ask my dad.

Dad Looked over and said I don’t know, maybe you never named her yet.

I suggested naming her Maya since that was the name of the last baby doll I’d met. She was going to give it some thought first I’m sure.


I asked Dad if it was ok to take pictures of his daughter and doll and explained that I needed a photo of a stranger and this doll seemed to be the perfect stranger since none of us knew her name!


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  1. These are GREAT pictures ! I almost went to bed but opened one last email before turning in. SO glad I did. 


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