Photo a day July 13- 20

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I’m still doing photoadayjuly but have added a new twist for myself. The Experimental cook mentioned that she only had a point and shoot camera, my first thought was good pictures can be taken with point and shoot cameras too, just do it. Then I decided to do this week with a point and shoot too!

This sunset was on my drive home, I had both cameras with me, I pulled over, resisted the urge to grab the big camera and just took the little point and shoot and the tripod. There are no manual options on it so I experimented with the sunset, mountain and fireworks settings. Fireworks seemed to capture the colors of the sky best.



Here’s the list if you want to join late. It’s lots of fun. Big camera, little camera, phone camera, any kind!



This is the little point and shoot that is now joining photoadayjuly.


open Collage

Top photos are from my DSLR and bottom the P&S.

building Collage


photoadayjuly finger

Uh, I never did get a finger photo with the DSLR. This two camera thing can get a little confusing.

sign Collage

Top:  on Aperture priority with ISO set to 200    f/4.5  1/1600 sec  ISO-200

Bottom: Point and shoot on auto  f3.5 1/25sec  ISO-64



I have a bad habit of over editing photos. It comes and goes, sometimes I stay on the wagon for a while and can control myself but every now and then I learn about some new fun way to edit photos and it’s all down hill from there. Here PicMonkey got the best of me. Free online photo editor, nothing to install on your computer, makes collages, add text, textures, frames, scrapbook-like overlays and borders, white balance, temperature adjustments and lots of adjustable presets. Way too much fun!


photoaday plate Collage

Top  f2.8   1/500 sec  ISO- 400

Bottom   f/5    1/25sec  ISO- 100


chair 2a Collage

I know this one is late but I had to include it. This little yellow chair is the same little yellow chair that my aunt sat on for her picture so many years ago. My aunt is now a grandma to some  grandkids who are just a cute as she was way back then.

insect pet Collage

Top: on Aperture priority  f/4    1/320 sec  ISO-200

Bottom:  on  the macro setting with the flower symbol f/5.3 1/200 sec ISO-64


Looking forward to next week, hope you are too! I have no idea what I’m going to do for any of them!

What if 9 o’clock comes and goes twice and I can’t think of anything to take a picture of? AAHHH!


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  2. The experimental cookJuly 20, 2012 at 12:50 AM

    Every of your picture tells a story. Some got me laughing or others had me thinking. I think they are all very wonderful!
    ps. My father-in-law is doing fine. When one can't change the situation, the least I can do is to change my attitude.

  3. Great idea doing 2 pics a day to compare cameras. Nice!! :D


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