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I’m jumping in late to the photoaday challenge. It’s a fun way to challenge yourself (or you and your friends, go in a group it’s more fun) to go out and take more pictures.

I found this list on and I was inspired by the stellar job she’s been doing with this challenge. And it made me feel better to see that she used a photo from June for one of the photos. I like that because I plan on cheating a little too. I’m more a fan of posting a good photo that was taken pretty close to the date than a crumby off topic photo that was taken on the exact date.


If you’re on the fence about this just pick a few to do and don’t worry about it. You might just discover something new on your camera that’s been there all along. I went out looking for textures and found myself taking pictures of humming birds minutes later. Then I played around with the 11 point tracking focus option. I don’t know if I like it.


spruce mt-4955

I think I’ll have to work on this panning thing a bit more. I actually did this unintentionally on Aperture priority at


1/8 sec    

ISO 320 



F/2.8   1/310 sec  ISO 100 Metering mode pattern



F/4.8       1/550 sec     ISO 100    Metering mode pattern



I had way too much fun with this!

If you feel ambitious and have some spare time check out some tutorials to make your own.



Those tomatoes may never make any beauty pageants but they will make a fine salad. The new potatoes on the other hand are just so pretty and it’ll probably be their downfall later in life. 


ballroom TN-4089

Turkey Avocado Panini with pesto. This was actually supper, but I told you I am not going to be a stickler on this.



I even remembered to try a flash for fill light here. I’m usually so afraid to use a flash ‘cause I don’t usually like the results but here on this 100 degree afternoon it  added just a little, I think it’s ok. 



I had a finger in this pie! I don’t make quilts but I love arranging colors. Needless to say the squares in that corner are just there ‘cause there weren’t any more blue squares.



I went out looking for textures. First I found this rock. I liked it a lot


South Carolina Peaches. 



But then I spotted the texture! This was it, just what I was looking for. What is it? You ask. 



An excavator bucket that has been mended so much that that those hard facing welds now are more of an outside skeleton that hold the bucket together. I don’t think I’ve seen another bucket looking quite like this.

I hope I’ve encouraged you to join “Photo A Day July” You don’t have to have a blog to participate, you can post it anywhere you like, pinterest, twitter, instagram, facebook, whatever even share by old school email to your closest friends. Post links to you photos in the comments, I love to see them.


Go out and shoot!


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  1. The experimental cookJuly 13, 2012 at 9:17 AM

    I love everyone of your shots ! I am still at the point and shoot stage but I hope to take photos like yours one day.

  2. These are all fantastic, PN! I love them all - I'm so excited you're doing this with me. :D (I love love your first self-portrait pic. The motion is great. I think an in-focus view of you would be good but boring; but this, as it is, has so much more to it). Can't wait until you stop up again and we can go out together for some photo-taking. :D

  3.  Have you looked into finding some local camera junkies yet? 99% of the camera people I've met are so friendly and helpful, I learn new things from them all the time.
    Yes, of course we'll have to go out with our cameras at some point here.

  4.  Thanks! You inspired me to try photoadayjuly this week with the point and shoot too!


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