Stratton Ridge – and the road is closed

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stratton ridge-4728

Stratton Ridge (Elevation 5336’) sounded like another good place to go during this hot weather. Sometimes it’s referred to as a bald so who knows it might have a good view.


stratton ridge-4690

First thing we saw was the sign bragging about the quality of the road ahead.


stratton ridge-4694

The road wound along the mountainside in classic east Tennessee style, I mean, Classic North Carolina style with extremely steep drop-off from the non existent shoulder of the road.


stratton ridge-4693

Then we got to this! Hmm, it can’t mean what it says. Maybe it isn’t really closed.


stratton ridge-4700

Maybe I was right, it might be closed after the trailhead and we must be pretty close cause there’s the sign for it just ahead.


stratton ridge-4710

Um, I don’t think that’s a very good sign with that culvert pulled out. Oh, maybe they have put the new one in.


stratton ridge-4712

Then we came to a shiny rented excavator. I can spot an excavator a mile away.


stratton ridge-4708

Ok, I guess it’s time to start the hike right here.


stratton ridge-4704

First I took a minute to admire their work. It reminded me of the big culverts we’ve put in over the years. Each one a little different, the fun of the challenge to get in and get out before the rain, us against the water.


stratton ridge-4705

These guys have timed it pretty well, it’s been hot and dry.


stratton ridge-

Wait I see another excavator! This one looks paid for. I bet it’s seen a few culverts put in in it’s day. 


stratton ridge-4714

So we waived goodbye to the excavators. No, not really but I could have.


stratton ridge-4717

Wolf Laurel trail was pretty good, saw some other foot prints but didn’t run into anyone.


stratton ridge-4747

I don’t know what wolf laurel is, this looked like other laurel I’ve seen elsewhere.


stratton ridge-4718

Always nice to see these, reassuring that you are where you thought you were.


stratton ridge-4725

Once on the Stratton Bald trail it was looking less and less traveled.


stratton ridge-4724

Then there was a whole bunch of this! Shoulder high berry vines and the trail’s got to be here somewhere.


stratton ridge-4737

The flies were huge.


stratton ridge-4746 

And this will do the trick once you get sick of being eaten alive.


stratton ridge-4728

Even though I didn’t really find much of a view up there it was 20 degrees cooler.

And that’s my story of Stratton Ridge,

The end.

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  1. No grand vista views but some beautiful woods views I much enjoyed seeing. Only by now when I see those I immediately get nervous about the lurking presence of poison ivy. Felt pretty safe in front of my computer screen though.


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